Saturday, February 4, 2012

Wood & Cloth-Update-Study Remodel

It’s crunch time!

With only a few days remaining until company descends Wood and Cloth need to kick it into high gear.  As I started going through the list of things left to do the husband needed to talk me down a bit and make sure I had some “realistic” expectations for what we could actually get done before Sunday.

Items left to do:

1) Move carpet, carpet pad, and old closet doors down into basement.  I am ashamed to admit our pile of carpet mess and doors has been lying in the cluttered living room since last weekend.  With all of the other mess from the office in the living room I thought..."What is one more thing?"

2) Buy and install a new wood vent and wood transition for the door area to go from the hardwood to the carpet. 

3) Rip down the shelf from the closet and paint.  As part of the remodel we are going to begin a conversion project on the closet.  I hate having a sliding door closet in the study.  Our plan is that we are going to eventually do built-in shelving in the closet nook area but that will have to be another phase of the project.  Right now all we care about is getting the shelf out and the paint up.

4) Put up all of the baseboards.  We will have to cut some new ones for those that were destroyed in the removal process and for the old closet area. 

5) Touch up paint issues on baseboards and walls.  There were a few causalities when we pulled off  things and moved items out.  Nothing that a little spackle and paint can’t fix.

6) Move back in all of the furniture.

Items that can be realistically completed:

1) Carpet and door mess dragged/thrown haphazardly downstairs.

2) Position something over the vent so no cover is needed.  Cut a piece of carpet to cover the gap between the carpet and the wood.

3)  Hang a sheet in front of the closet door with a sign stating “Construction Zone”

4) Put up the intact baseboards and position furniture in front of any missing pieces.

5) Wall art was invented to hide wall gouges and paint chips….let’s do that.

6) Move back in all of the furniture as it is needed to cover-up issues and the husband informs me that our friends will most likely want to be able to sit down in the living room and watch the game on TV (neither of which can be accomplished in its current state.
Wish the husband luck as I will no doubt ignore list two and attempt list one making both of us crazy in the process! 

Enjoy your Superbowl weekend.

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