Thursday, February 9, 2012

Wood & Cloth-Beginnings-Laundry Room Remodel

I'm feeling antsy.  The study is done (for the time being) and I only have the husband's undivided attention during the weekends for a short while longer.  As soon as the weather gets warmer he will be off playing tennis or mountain biking.
If I want big wood stuff built the clock is ticking.

Our laundry room is boring.  Not that a laundry room can be a ton of fun mind you, but I at least want to make it less blah.  It is a small room so I am not planning anything ridiculous like a laundry-shoot slide with a swimming pool at the end.  I do however want to be a bit on the bold side with patterns and color.  When it comes to color I typically land on the conservative side, although little by little I am coming out of my earth-tone colored shell.  I am also seriously entertaining the idea of wallpaper.  That scares the husband… which makes me want it an itsy bit more.

I have been batting around some ideas for awhile but this week things really started to click and I can see how it is all going to come together. 

*Black and white with bright yellow for accent color.
*Wallpaper or a painted stencil pattern on at least one wall.
*Handmade roman shade for the window.
*Hand built white beadboard panel cabinets with black pulls.
* Two double-wide/extra tall cabinets (one set on each side) with open shelves in between the cabinets sets.
*Hand built risers for the washer and dryer with slide-out drawers.

Where is my tape measure?   I want to get this project started!

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