Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Cloth-Quick Project-Valentine Barcode Love Notes

Times they are a changing…. Terms like “Tweet Me” and “Text Me” are now conversation heart staples.  Don’t waste your time looking for a “Mail Me” heart.  Unless there is an “e” in front you won’t find one.   So either I can get out my fuddy-duddy clothes and join the ranks of the “back when I was growing-up there was only one flavor of conversation heart and they all said love” or I can get with the times and whip up some high tech Valentine’s.

I do realize using the word fuddy-duddy automatically puts me into the old person category.  Moving on…

Pretty much everyone has access to a barcode scanner today in the form of a phone or touch device app.  Combine that with the fact that there are multiple websites which allow you to generate your own barcode messages and you get a fun way to encode secret love messages to your hubby or kids.  

There are multiple free sites on the web that code different kinds of barcodes.  This is the one I used  http://www.barcodesinc.com/generator/qr/  I used the “qr” format as I thought they looked cooler than the line barcodes.  You will want to check your barcode app to make sure it can read the format you pick before you print a bunch.

Love Note Ideas
*Place a note at the breakfast table
*Tuck a note inside backpack/work bag/briefcase/gym bag.
*Fill a bowl with notes and let your special person pick one.
*Make valentine coupons (good for one backrub, one extra hour of TV)
*Lead your valentine on a scavenger hunt to a hug/kiss/chocolate

Project Ranking
Difficulty - Easy
Frustration - Low
Makeability - 100% Worth It

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