Thursday, February 2, 2012

Wood & Cloth-Behind the Scenes-Study Remodel

The previous post didn’t really tell the entire story of the flooring project.  Wood and Cloth had some behind the scenes “help.”  We are a pug household, 3 pugs to be exact.  The wife married into 2 of the pugs, the third is her fault. 

I am not exactly sure what happened as I grew up with labs and other such hunting dogs.  Over time the pugs must have worn me down with their snorting, expressive eyes, and constant lap presence.  So much so that about 4 months ago when I heard of a pug that needed rescue from an abusive home it was me, not the husband checking on city ordinances to make sure we could have 3 dogs.

When we welcomed Sophie into our home she was very skittish, she shied away from her food bowl, and often cowered in the corner.  This behaviour was expected as she had often been beaten with a stick, kicked, left without water for days, and at some point even had her jaw broken (which causes her tongue to hang out at the side).

Fast forward. 

Not only is Sophie now a completely different pug that loves food, getting pets, and playing outside with the other pugs but she is a DIYer.  While the other 2 pugs wanted nothing to do with the chaos in the study Sophie and her crooked jaw were right in the middle of the action.

She ensured we were measuring correctly at all times.

 Here she is supervising the husband while he hammers.  Someone has to watch him!

She tested the newly laid flooring for sturdiness. 

Whoever pulls out this flooring will find a large amount of blond dog hair trapped between the flooring and the underlayment…evidence of DIY pug in action. 
Bamboo flooring...Sophie Approved!

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  1. I'm not sure that I've mentioned this recently...but your DIY exploits are amazing. And Sophie is the best. <3