Sunday, February 19, 2012

Wood & Cloth-Beginning-Projects! Projects! Projects!

It is a four day weekend for Wood & Cloth which means a rediculous amount of project shenanegans.  President's Day weekend last year found us acting on an impulse and remodeling the front room.  This year we may have up'd the ante on craziness.  To be specific...the wife may have up'd the ante and is taking the husband along for the ride.

So what are we going to be busy doing?  Here are some teasers.  You will have to check back in to see the final results.

Mystery Project #1: Wood & Cloth
This project is desperately needed to fill a large wall that has remained empty since we bought the house.  I have been heming and hawing over what to put on the wall in the stair landing for 2 years...I finally have a plan!

Mystery Project #2: Cloth
A little something to keep me from getting pinched on St. Patty's Day!

Mystery Project #3: Wood & Cloth
A decor project for the newly remodeled study.  This project has potential for being a frustrating one and may not turn out like I am picturing it in my head.

Mystery Project #4: Cloth
A good friend recently had a new baby...

Mystery Project #5: Cloth
Is any one else getting spring fever?  A little something to freshen up my wardrobe.

Mystery Project #6: Wood
This project has been on the "To Do List" forever...hopefully we get to check it off this weekend.

Mystery Project #7: Cloth
Do I really want leprechans in the house?

Mystery Project #8: Wood
The first step to any project is the planning.

Mystery Project #9: Cloth
Does anyone watch Psych?  Once this project is done you will be able to spot this in our study.

Mystery Project #10: Wood & Cloth
This project will give multiple rooms a fresh perspective.

Wish us luck!

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  1. Oh my god...I'm so excited to see all of the outcomes! <3