Saturday, February 25, 2012

Wood & Cloth-Project Update-Projects! Projects! Projects!

As often happens we don’t get nearly as much accomplished in a weekend as we think we will.  As I posted we had great plans for our President’s day weekend.  Some things got done, some didn’t.

No big whoop.

Analysis of productivity:

Projects Started:  60%
Projects Completed: 40%
Percentage of initiated projects seen to completion: 66%
Cloth projects completed: 40%
Wood projects completed: 50%
Wood & Cloth projects completed: 33%
Percentage increase in new projects added to the list after the blog posting: 30%

I know..I'm a nerd.

Mystery Project #6
Okay so this project was pretty lame we painted a door.  However when that project has been on your "To Do" list forever it feels like a pretty big accomplishment.  Sometimes you need to make a big deal out of small victories.

With the study remodel phase 2 completed it is nice to have the door actually match the room!

Mystery Project #7
If you read the last post you know that these socks turned into some cute Leprechaun table legs.  If you didn't read the post what are you waiting on over!

Mystery Project #9
Not an earth shattering project but another one that had been on the list a long time.  I spray painted a paper mache pineapple.  It still counts as a project and a completion.

I actually picked up this paper mache beauty at a garage sale last summer for 5 cents.  When the husband saw me carrying it around the sale he thought I was nuts but I insisted it fit into my vision for the study.  He liked it because on Psych they used to hide a pineapple in the background of the show during one of the scenes and asked viewers to try and find it.  Maybe we will have to take turns moving the pineapple around the house for the other to find.  Or maybe it will just sit in the study looking pretty...

Mystery Project #10
Not all projects are glamerous and fun.  Some projects just have to get done.  Wood & Cloth took a break from some of the fun stuff in order to do a much needed mop down of all of our tile.  Sometimes it takes doing one of your "have to" projects to enjoy working on your "want to" list.

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  1. I LOVE the psych connection...I may have to follow suit...