Monday, April 9, 2012

Wood & Cloth-Update-Laundry Room Remodel

The laundry room project has been one of give and take.  Just when we finally take a few steps forward…we immediately take a couple back.

1) All 3 pieces of the cabinet are complete, sanded, and ready to be painted!

2) All 4 cabinet doors are complete, sanded, and ready to be painted!
3) Yellow chevron fabric came and the wall decoration I have been planning is finished.  I can’t wait to show it off but I want to wait until I can actually show it against the striped wall paper.

4) I think every room should have a splurge.  Something that can’t be DIY’d (or at least not by us).  My splurge for the laundry room is the cute yellow owl that was part of the inspiration for the room.  After looking around for something similar I kept coming back to the owl.  My test for if I really want something is to walk away from it.  If I keep thinking about it and it is still available it was meant to be.  Unfortunately sometimes you walk away and when you come back it is no longer there….that really stinks and it will haunt you for the rest of your days (sigh…cherry bowl from Sur la table…).  Thankfully the owl didn’t get away and it is currently being kilned (is that a word?) and will be on its way to me very soon.
(From Fruitfly Pie on Etsy)

1) The wallpaper is on backorder until April 16th.  It was supposed to be here on the 2nd.
2) Due to a slight error in measurements 2 of the door panels needed to be redone.  (We do not speak of this with the husband.)

3) Painting has become a ridiculous folly.  Covering up some black stamps on the wood has taken 3 coats of “high hide” primer, 4 coats of white paint, and a ton of the wife’s sanity.  (We do not speak of this with the wife.)

NOTE:  I truly believe that the wood we have is possessed by the devil himself.  Pure evil is leaking out of the black stamp.  An evil so otherworldly that just when you think you have covered it up it sneaks back out in the middle of the night ready to devour your soul.


1) Next up is to demo the old laundry room.  We need to get the current shelf out and begin to prep the walls for painting and wallpapering.

2) In order to move forward on the painting we will be looking into a Catholic priest that is willing to come out and perform an exorcism on the black wood stamping.  Hopefully the cost of the exorcism is covered in our laundry room budget as I already used my splurge on the owl.

3) Hardware for the doors needs to be purchased as well as some cute knobs.

This project is turning into a bugger...and we still have a ton to do!

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  1. I love the owl! I hear they are really hot right now...