Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Wood & Cloth-Spring Gardening

Spring is always a bit of a roller coaster.  You can have wonderfully warm weather that sends you digging in your closet looking for shorts one day and a snow storm the next. 

Every spring it is balancing act to get our peas planted in the garden.  Too early and your soil is either still frozen or soaking wet from the last snow storm.  Wait too long and your precious little peas get baked in their little pods by the summer heat.

We took advantage of the dry and warm weather this past weekend to get the peas in the ground. 

The husband took this opportunity to use the ATV (he is still bemoaning the fact that we had a mild snow winter which meant he did not get to plow the driveway very often) to transport the compost from the garage to the backyard.  Was bungee-cording the bags of compost to the ATV and driving around back necessary? 

According to the wife…nope. 

According to the husband…absolutely.

As we only planted peas this round the husband decided that he would hand-turn the dirt and compost.  We should have used the tiller.

Last year was our first year planting peas.   We planted one row and did have a nice crop.  This year we upped the game and planted 4 rows of peas.  Peas are the wife’s favorite and there is nothing like shelling and eating so many peas that your fingers turn slightly green.  So 4 rows it is! 

With the sun shining we took the opportunity to do a bit of yard clean-up.  As you can see from the picture our backyard is a tumbleweed Mecca.  Tumbleweeds from all over the world jump our fence just to snuggle up in our backyard.   We hate tumbleweeds.  They are pokey, ugly, and fight you every step of the way when you try to shove them into the garbage can.   

They also take up a crazy-mad amount of space in the garbage can.  We can literary get 2-3 in the can at a time.  So…it is pretty much going to take us the remainder of the year to move the pile out of the backyard. 
Too bad there aren’t any good craft projects that use tumbleweeds.

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