Wednesday, April 11, 2012


The laundry room remodel is turning into a circus freak show.

Last night I came home from work to find a package waiting on my doorstep.  I wasn’t expecting a delivery but packages are always a welcome surprise, especially when the package is your back ordered wallpaper delivered 5 days early.

That is where the good vibes stop.

I opened the package only to find the wrong wallpaper. 

How was it wrong?
*1 - The wallpaper was supposed to be delivered to the store for pickup, not directly to my home.

*2- The company that made the delivered wallpaper was Imperial.  Not Allen & Roth like I had ordered.

*3-The white strip was ivory.

*4- There were small gold bands between the ivory and black stripes.  The wallpaper I ordered does not have these gold bands (I double checked).

My euphoria from the early delivery was short lived.

After a frustrating call to the paint service department I found myself in the car on the way to the store with the crappy wallpaper.

At this point I was pretty sure that this was not a mistake in delivery that in fact the wallpaper I had ordered had actually been discontinued.

Why did I think my wallpaper had been discontinued? 
*1- When I initially tried to order it online I got an error code when I tried to place the item in my electronic cart.  The error stated I needed to call customer service to complete my order.

*2- When I called customer service the first time I got disconnected.  (This issue did not actually lead me to believe that the wallpaper had been discontinued but it as long as I am venting I thought I would put it all out there.)

*3- When I finally got in touch with customer service they told me that for this particular item I needed to order it directly through the store and not through their website sales…what?  If you have it listed for purchase on your website why shouldn’t I be able to order it through website sales?

*4- I was originally supposed to receive the wallpaper on April 2nd but was back ordered to the 15th.

*5- I received a really close (but much more lame) wallpaper.

 So after another frustrating conversation with the paint service department, this time in person, I found myself in the car on the way back home with my crappy wallpaper.
Apparently the company that shipped the wallpaper was closed and I would have to wait until tomorrow to have them call to check on the issue.  Why I couldn’t have been told that before I drove in with the crappy wallpaper, I will never know.

Calls were placed today.  Some by me, some by the paint service department after getting an annoyed call from me reminding them to call the wallpaper company.

Bottom-line…the wallpaper is discontinued.  The wife is frustrated.

How am I frustrated? 

*1- If you offer products online for purchase I expect you to pull those products from your website when they are no longer available.

*2- If you have discontinued an item that someone has on order I expect you to contact that person and let them know. DO NOT just send them crappy wallpaper and hope they won’t notice.

*3- If you are a big box hardware store that contracts through companies that think it is okay to switch out items without informing your customers and then make them waste a month of their time waiting for the non-existent item…shame on you.

Thanks for letting me vent.  I will be returning the crappy wallpaper tonight.  I will try to convey my dissatisfaction in a controlled adult manner that will not end up with the husband bailing me out of jail.

I will try.

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