Thursday, April 19, 2012

Wood & Cloth- Laundry Room Update - The Install

We have all had those times when you look back at a situation, that at the time was not funny in the slightest, and laugh. 

Such is the cabinet install.

The husband had installed a runner board along the wall for the bottom of the cabinet to rest.  This not only made it easy to get the cabinets straight but it gave the a place for the cabinet to rest so that it wasn't all up to the husband and his brother to keep it held against the wall.

The first cabinet went up without a hitch.

The studs were located and screws attached to the wall.  Every time the stud finder came out both the husband and the brother made comments that there were "2 studs over here" while pointing at themselves.

The second shelf went up without a hitch.

That is where the good times stopped rolling.

The husband had taken numerous measurements along both of the walls to determine how square and straight the walls where before he even began building the units.

For the record...walls are not perfectly straight.  If you are under the delusion that the walls in your home are indeed straight I hate to be the one to burst your bubble.  But they are not.  They ebb and flow a bit making installation of wall to wall cabinets tricky.  Typically professional installers will actually cut some of their cabinet edges on site to fit the wall.  We did not have that option.

From the initial measurements we knew it was going to be a tight fit.  However after the 40 billion coats of paint and one small section of the wall that jutted out a smidgen bit more that the rest it pushed us over from tight to an hour and a half of work to wedge it in.

We pushed it...we rocked it...we tried to brute force it.

After a ridiculous amount of effort and a good deal of swearing an attempt was made to sand some of the wall down.  Seriously we were so close it would make you cry even one less coat of paint on the stupid cabinets and it probably would have gone in.

Finally after so many attempts I thought arms were going to turn to jelly they managed to shimmy it in. 

Is it aligned perfectly...nope.  Do I care....nope.

We did suffer a bunch of collateral damage in the attempt to get the third cabinet jammed in there.  The brother's mad strength lead to a piece of cabinet breaking off and a hand sized indent in the back wall.  Apparently bracing yourself against the back wall to get traction to push up on a cabinet isn't a good idea.

Good thing we had Spackle!

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