Saturday, April 21, 2012

Wood & Cloth - Laundry Room Remodel - Little by Little

Every night when I walk in the door I am greeted by our clothes dryer.  It is a struggle to shimmy my way around the dryer in the middle of the hall while carrying my laptop and purse.

We need to kick this remodel into high gear!

Accomplished this week:
-Crown molding on top of the cabinets.
-Repair dings, dents, divots suffered during the cabinet install
-Finish painting the cabinet doors
-Order contact paper for the shelf liners
-Put additional paint coat on above cabinets

On tap for the weekend:
-Finish up all white painting (floors, baseboards, crown molding, windowsill)
-Attach cabinet doors
-Build windowsill and frame window
-Build shelves for the cabinets (the husband kind of forgot about this)
-Move the dryer back into the laundry room (Yay!)
-Do laundry
-Design and paint the black stripes on the wall

Even if we only accomplish the bare minimum needed to be able to move the dryer back into the laundry room this weekend, I will consider the next two days a success.

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