Monday, December 31, 2012

What a Year - Nursery Craft Photo Bomb

It is the last day of the year.  What a year it has been!  This has definitely been the year of the baby.  Our entire year has revolved around the upcoming little one.  Even before she was a reality.  It has been a bit of a roller coaster of emotions but 100% worth it!

I won't be posting a top ten Wood and Cloth blogs from the past year as I probably didn't post many more than ten! 

So instead I will try to get caught up on posting the craft/decor items that have been completed for the nursery.  I got a bunch finished this holiday vacation which is a good thing as I swear the baby bump has grown exponentially over the past couple of days.  This is making sitting or standing too long uncomfortable.  Add in the fact that I have to sit a good distance away from the sewing machine and the number of projects getting done over the next few weeks is probably pretty limited. 

Project #1 - Pinwheel Pillow

I did post a picture of this in a previous post.  It comes from a wonderful tutorial from Cluck Cluck Sew.  A pinwheel pillow?  I couldn't pass it up. 

Project #2 - Bunting

Simple bunting made with bias tape. 

Project #3 - Paper Pinwheels.

I still have a few of these to make, finding double sided scrapbook paper is more difficult than one might imagine.  There are a bunch of tutorials for these out there on the web.  I used paper drinking straws for the stems.

Project #4 - Framed Paper Elephant w/ Pinwheel.

This is the first of a few projects that were put in painted picture frames.  All of the frames came from IKEA and were originally white.  I will note that some of the frames did not take to the paint as well as others.  No biggie I just did a few more coats and then decided that the white that bled through was character!

For this little guy I just found an image online for the elephant pattern, put a bit of baker's twine on and glued one of my pinwheels.

There are many options for nursery art with elephants holding a flower but I thought the pinwheel would work well...and I think it did!

Project #5 - Framed Paper Punched Elephant

I am going to preface this project...I will most likely redo this one a bit.  I threw this together using hole punched elephants (the punch is from Martha Stewart) in a few minutes.  I didn't really measure and it looks a bit sloppy to me.  However when you are showing off your nursery for the first time to visiting family members sometimes it is enough just to get it done. 

I really liked this punch as it allows for some dimension with the ears that you can fold up. 

Project #6 - Fabric Covered Letter
I never really found a great tutorial on how to cover a paper mache I winged it.  Honestly I just cut and glued a bunch (using fabric glue) trying to make the seams as unnoticeable as possible. 

Project #7 - Headband Holder

The inspiration for this project (which is technically a Wood project) came from a tutorial by Shanty 2 Chic.  We ended up changing it up a bit and using small turned wood feet.  The husband gets partial credit for this one although I probably could have assembled it my self.

Project #8 -  Monochromatic Sayings

I saw this idea on Pinterest and unfortunately when I went back to see how it was done my link took me to spam so I improvised.  The husband had cut me plywood boards awhile back for a different project (I decided against doing that one, at least for the time being) so I used them as my backing.  I think the original one used canvas which would also work.  I then attached wooden letters using wood glue and painted.  As a piece of advice I would not suggest gluing the letters to the wood backing until after you have painted the wood backing and the letters separately.  It was a bit of a pain to paint them together and made for some sloppy brush strokes.

Project #9 - Throw pillows
2 sets of throw pillows, one with piping, no biggie. 

Project #10 - Elephant Pillow

I purchased this elephant pattern from Gingercake Designs.  I have done patterns from this shop before and really liked them.  I struggled a bit on this pattern as I felt some of the instructions were not very clear.  It could have been my pregnancy brain however.  I would recommend using a very light weight interfacing as I used the light weight one I normally use and it was WAY too stiff causing a mess when I turned the pattern out.  I may potentially redo this little guy but we will see....

Project #11 - Paper Elephant Family

Just scrapbook paper.  I liked the simplicity.

So that is it, the BIG nursery craft project round-up.

Hope everyone as a wonderful last day of 2012. 
Bring on 2013!!!

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