Saturday, December 29, 2012

All I Want for Christmas is a Table

With all of the furniture complete in the nursery the husband was able to work on a project for his "little brother."

The husband joined the Big Brother's Big Sisters program years ago.  He was matched with a seven year old and they have been a big part of each others lives for the past 16 years.  I have been lucky to know him for 11 years.  This past year was a big one for the little (actually not so little) brother as he bought his first house at age 21.  He has worked very hard to be in the position to afford and maintain a house. 

He ended up buying a HUD home that needed a lot of TLC.  It has been a great experience for him as he has had to put in a ton of hours ripping up floor boards, scrapping paint and texture off of walls, and replacing plumbing.  I wish I had some "before" pictures to show as it was truly a mess with the walls and carpet in desperate need of replacing.

As part of a Christmas gift the husband made an entryway table for the new house.  The little brother and his girlfriend picked out the design from the web.  In true Wood fashion multiple adjustments were made to the original plans which can be found here.  The husband did end up making one of the drawers a functional drawer which will be nice to have.

Again I unfortunately did not get any in progress pictures but here are some of the finished product.  The husband spent a large amount of time getting the "antique" finish completed on the table.  This took 3 undercoats of the dark paint and 3 of the lighter top paint.  Then came the stressing where he rubbed off the top coats in some areas giving it a worn look with a bunch of character. 

We took the table over to the little brother on Christmas Day and were finally able to see the finished house.  We were treated to a wonderful lunch and he even had Christmas decorations up!  This is such an exciting time for him and we couldn't be prouder of the choices he has made.  Enjoy 2013 in your new home!

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