Friday, December 28, 2012

A Place to Rock Out

It is not that easy to find a rocker or a glider that fits a short person.  Many are too deep leaving my feet dangling over the edge.  The deep ones are also too difficult to crawl into (especially if one is holding a baby).  You can find huge rockers that take up half of your usable space.  You can find really expensive ones that take up half of your budget.

After a bunch of looking we did find one that was affordable, fit in the space, and was short person friendly.  I did briefly entertain the idea of reupholstering the chair so that it would match a bit better in the nursery but thankfully the husband talked me down.
(I did make the pinwheel pillow!)
Now we needed a table.  As the husband somehow managed to get away with not having to make any furniture pieces for the nursery this project fell squarely in his court. 

I found a table/pattern I liked online.  It didn't quite work for our space so the husband made a few adjustments to dimensions and added a small lower shelf.

He ended up putting the table together so quickly I didn't even get any in progress pictures or instructions for a tutorial!  Oh well I got a table.

Most nights you can find me rocking away in the chair reading a book or singing a lullaby. 

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