Sunday, November 11, 2012

Wood, Cloth, and....

After a longgggg break Wood and Cloth is back with new posts and a bunch of new projects.  Our last post was way back in July.  I knew we were not going to be regular bloggers but I didn't think we would need a 6 month hiatus so soon!  So what have we been up to....?  Traveling the world?  Winning the lottery?  Developing the new iPad mini...? 

Nope....making a human!

In June we got the amazing news that we are expecting our first child in February.  We couldn't be more excited as we have been eagerly awaiting this news for a long time now. 

As soon as we saw the "positive" sign our lives have not been the same.  The first trimester brought a lot of worries and sickness for Cloth.  Neither of those activities are very conducive to home decor and improvement projects.  Everything was fine but when you have been waiting so long it is easy to focus on the things that might go wrong and forget to enjoy the ride.  Meanwhile Wood spent most of the first trimester trying to ride out the wife's hormones and take care of the majority of the cooking (as pretty much any strong smell or raw meat handling would send the wife running to the bathroom).

With the approach of the second trimester we started to get very excited to find out the sex of the baby.  Everyone would ask if we wanted the sex to be a which the husband would always reply "it is either going to be a surprise in a couple of weeks or a surprise at birth."  It is true no matter when you find out boy or girl it is still a surprise.  That being said we did want to find out as soon as possible as we are both planners...we did have nursery projects to plan after all!  DIY decor doesn't happen overnight!

So drum roll....

We are having a little girl! 

My mother's intuition was wrong from day one as I was convinced she was going to be a he but we have had multiple ultrasounds and she is definitely all girl.

The wife's first thoughts were to all of the cute little girl clothes she could buy and possibly make...the husband's first thoughts were to how much more a girl was going to cost us.  Apparently he has already started a plan to make sure she does not want a wedding, that elopement is the way to go.  Or even better no wedding as she will not be allowed to date.

Our lives are about to change in amazing ways and as a result our projects are going to be nursery and baby heavy for the foreseeable future.  We have already been pretty busy so hopefully there will be a bunch of posts in the coming weeks.  I am super proud of how the nursery is turing out so I can't wait to share.

Wood, Cloth, and Baby Girl

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