Monday, November 26, 2012

Let the Nursery Begin...Closet Doors Be Gone!

With the craft stuff out of the nursery let the fun begin!

Before I even thought about color schemes and nursery themes I was thinking about storage.  As I stated in earlier posts I am a bit obsessed with organization right now!  I like to have places for things that are not all stacked up in a corner. With a girl on the way we were going to need a bunch of closet space for clothes (even if the husband doesn't agree).

Step one of the nursery was to rip up the closet!  I have always hated our closest doors in the nursery room as they are the sliding kind which just seem to always get in the way.  The problem is that swing out doors would just take up a bunch of space in the actual room, so...

First step was to take down the doors.  They just get in the way and curtains would look way cuter, right? Next came ripping out the shelf and painting.

I knew I wanted a bunch of shelves and drawers to maximize the space.  Having one large shelf and clothing rod really limits the amount of small, cute, and cuddly clothes one can cram into a closet.

With the prep work done we needed to make a decision on build or buy.  The husband had convinced me that for the sanity of all involved it would probably be best to just buy a closet organizer from IKEA.  He was concerned about the length of his project list and the current NFL season.  I won't allow a TV in the woodshop (aka the garage) for fear of lost fingers and other appendages so he tends to not get much Wooding done on Sundays. 

We had used a PAX system organizer in our old house and it really did add a bunch of functional space to our closet.  The one we had was pretty small but for the nursery I wanted to get a pretty big mamma-jamma with a combo of shelves and pull out drawers.

The building and placement of the unit did not go as planned. Unfortunately it was a bit bigger than I anticipated.  Yes I did measure, (this isn't amateur hour) but I didn't think about being able to get around the depth of the unit.  The problem was that it was so deep that we ended up blocking one of the corners making it unusable. 

The husband thought we should scrap the plan for the organizer and just use the closet to it's fullest.  The wife thought we should just knock out the little jut in the wall which would open up the space in the corner (it would be really easy...).  After a large amount of negotiation the organizer and wall stayed put. 

Even though we are losing a bit of space on the one side we are more than making up for it in functionality of the organizer. 

Next up was the shelves and clothing rods.  One advantage with children's clothes, especially baby clothes, is that they are small and don't hang all the way to the floor making multiple stacked clothing rods a possibility.  The husband used 2 brackets per shelf. 

Cut and painted the boards. Attached the boards to the brackets, and finally installed the clothing rods.  They turned out perfectly and I couldn't be happier with the end result.

Now I'm off to sew the curtains!

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