Saturday, November 17, 2012

Making room for baby!

When we built our house almost four years ago I knew I wanted to have a room where I could store all of my craft items, spread out projects, and not have to clean everything up at the end of each day.  I wanted a craft room! 

With no children we had a large excess of rooms so I pretty much had my choice.  I decided on the corner room.  It was the biggest of the remaining rooms and had the best window. 

It was a bunch of fun to convert the space into a dream craft room filled with storage and Wood and Cloth projects.  Wood made the craft table (using table legs we had found in an antique store) and the built-in window seat storage.  I had fun finding a bunch of antique items to use as storage and organization, I sewed a window cushion cover, and we both got our feet wet on home DIY projects with the installation of the bead board and chair rail.

I spent a ton of hours in that room making things for friends, family, and our home.  However, if I am honest, I always wanted the room to be a nursery.  I suspect most of my choices for decor were based on the hope that someday we would be able to put a little one to sleep in the room. 

So as soon as we got the news I started planning the destruction of my beloved craft room and the creation of the nursery.

Before any of the nursery fun could truly begin we needed to move the craft room to the empty room down the hall.  Previously this room was used for all of our numerous painting and staining projects...(we will have to find somewhere for all of our craziness..most likely the basement)

Making the move was not as easy as I thought.

I kind of freaked out when planning the new craft room.  I loved the yellow in the old room but didn't know if we were going to keep it for the nursery or not.  If we were having a  If we were having a girl..maybe.  So I spent a couple of months in a constant state of "what do I do."  I didn't want to move everything out of the nursery into the new craft room without painting it first. 

But what color?  Did I want to do something fun on one of the walls like batten boards?  What was I going to do for storage now that I was leaving the cabinets in the nursery?  Needless to say numerous hours were wasted on Pinterest trying to find inspiration.

Total breakdown.  I am going to blame it on hormones but I was completely incapacitated when it came to any decisions related to the nursery.  Very frustrating and not really like me.  I can usually envision what I want and begin to work toward it immediately (and somewhat impatiently).

Finally one day I woke up and decided who cares?  The new craft room can be a work in progress.  We can move stuff out and paint later.  No need to have everything in place.  I just needed a place to begin nursery crafts.

So here I sit in my new craft room with unpainted walls and I love it. 

It is smaller, less bright, and devoid of character (so far).  I love it because next door is an amazing space that will welcome my baby girl in a few months.  I have projects planned for the craft room but they will have to wait... 

I have a princess that needs a castle.

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