Wednesday, March 28, 2012

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We had a close call with our supervisory craft pug last week.  You might remember Sophie from our past posts.  She is often photo-bombing our projects.

Last week however she just wasn’t herself.  She is a hard one to read because let’s face it she is just a little bit weird.  She shakes and whimpers and sits oddly.  All of those things of course add to her charm.

So when she was shaking uncontrollably last week I didn’t really think too much of it.  However after she stopped following me around the house everywhere, I got worried and took her into the vet. 

Apparently the poor little pup had a very severe infection of the uterine lining which was causing her to go septic.  We caught it just in time as they scheduled her for emergency surgery a few hours later. 

I’m not exactly sure when I became so attached to this dog.  We have only had her 5 months.  She has a stupid tongue that gets slobber everywhere.  I can’t walk around the house without tripping over her.  She breathes way too loud…and she has absolutely stolen my heart.

Sophie is the first rescue dog for both the husband and me.  I grew up with dogs but they were either there before I was born or came from someone around town that had puppies.  The Sophie experience has changed how we will adopt dogs in the future.  I honestly cannot recommend adoption enough, especially the adoption of a slightly older dog.  Those dogs have wanted for love and have felt abandonment and in Sophie’s case abusive physical pain.  You can change that for them and in return they will change your life.  They will also get underfoot as they tend to be a bit clingy…but don’t focus on that....

It was hard to leave Sophie at the vet for her surgery but I was happy that we were in the situation that we could afford the cost as she would not have made it through the night.  Thankfully the surgery went really well and we were even able pick her up later that night. 

Fully recovered from her ordeal Sophie was back in action this weekend as we continued to work on the laundry room cabinets.  She even felt good enough to get tangled up in the string the husband was using to draw out the curve for the upper cabinets. 

If you are considering a dog (or cat) please check out your local animal shelters.  They have tons of amazing animals just waiting to find a forever home. 
You never know you may find a craft pug of your very own!

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