Friday, March 30, 2012

Wood - Update - Laundry Room Remodel

According to the husband I am delusional with a weak grasp of reality.

I went into last weekend with the assumption that the laundry room cabinets would be completed by Sunday night.  I am not a complete head-in-the-clouds so I didn’t think they would all be painted…but I did think they would be completely assembled.

So when the husband came in from the garage on Sunday night stating that he had gotten further than he anticipated on the cabinets I assumed that he had started sanding to get ready for painting.

Apparently not.

From project to project I tend to forget that it takes time for things to glue and set.  Gluing ready should hurry up as it is non-exciting bummer step.  I like flashy steps that are quick and progress is right up front and on display.

However it is hard to get furniture that doesn't fall apart without some of the more boring steps.

So what did the husband accomplish last weekend?

The 2 outside cabinent pieces are put together with the face frames.  No cabinent doors yet. 

In the husband's eyes total cabinent domination.  For the wife...I really wanted to paint everything this week.

Patience is not my strong suit.

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