Friday, March 23, 2012

Wood-Project Update-Laundry Room Remodel

Finally some progress was made on the laundry room remodel.

We got to get this thing done as spring is on the way.  Soon there will be gardening to do, bikes to ride, and pugs to walk. 

The husband took to the wood shop (aka the garage) this past weekend and got a good start on the cabinets.

This project he actually didn't spend too much time drawing out all of the plans.  He sketched out a few things and then started letting the saw dust fly.  I am hoping I don't hear a bunch of cursing coming from outside when he realizes that he didn't have a measurement correct.....I am hoping.

After going back a forth on what material to use we settled on plain old particle board for the interiors.  We chose particle board for a few reasons.
  1.  We wanted to do this project fairly cheap as it is the laundry room! 
  2. The husband was a bit concerned about the overall weight of the cabinets if they were made out of hardwood plywood.  I plan on loading these bad boys up with heavy stuff like laundry detergent, large bottles of cleaning stuff, and gold bouillon bricks.  Okay maybe not gold bricks but some pretty heavy stuff.
  3. I wanted something I could paint or maybe even do some crazy contact paper type lining.  No need for nice wood when you are just going to cover it up.

The of all of the shelving and cabinet pieces will have hardwood face frames so you won't see any of the ugly particle board edges.

The cabinets consist of 3 parts.

The middle piece that is shown above and below will have one enclose shelf, 3 openings for baskets, and then the top of the shelf will be open to the ceiling.  I wanted to be able to put tall decor on top of the middle piece. 

The right and left pieces will be the ones with the doors (no picture as they are not put together yet).  They will each have an upper shelf that will feature a slightly curved molding across the top.  The top of the side pieces will actually be higher than the top of the middle piece.  These 2 pieces will be where the real storage takes place as you can hid a bunch of sins behind a cabinet door.

The husband also wanted to give the project a bit of depth so the side pieces will stick out a bit further from the wall than the middle piece.

I have to say designing the cabinets was pretty fun.  I can't wait to see how they look once they are finished.

Also I may or may not have purchased wallpaper this weekend. 

Black and white stripes no biggy.

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