Sunday, May 5, 2013

When the Decking Gets Tough: Deck Day #2

So 2 days into the deck project and the shiz is getting real.

Like most all DIY projects numerous trips to the home improvement store were required.  In addition plans had to be redrafted, tweaked, and/or adjusted a few times.  The main issue being that the husband was trying to utilize some of the existing deck components (like the joists, posts, and ledger board).  What became clear is that the little walkout deck that the home builders put in was not built with any tender loving pressure treated wood.  Also the size of posts and the ledger board did not jive with the new stuff decking.

So a lot of standing around and pondering happened today.

A lot...

Finally after a large amount of discussion the plan is to now rip out the entire existing structure and start from scratch with new materials.  It will be easier than having to jim-jam sizes and it will weather better with the pressure treated lumber.

Yeah it was a "2 pencil behind the ear" kind of day today.

All of the adjustments aside today's To Do List was completed in time for some late afternoon naps by the husband and the dad. 

The concrete footings went in without a hitch.

All of the ledger board is up and ready for joists.  That almost went up without a hitch...almost.

There was a slight miscalculation on one set of holes which required some quick hole filling.  No big whoop.  You have to roll with the punches.  However it does always seem like the punches get thrown at the end of the day.

Tomorrow is an off day for deck work as the concrete needs to dry before the posts can be attached.

Monday's plan is to get the posts in as the husband will need help with those and Monday is the last day the dad will be able to help before leaving town. 

Also on Monday we will be ordering all of the composite lumber for the actual deck.  The dad was in the hardware/lumber business for about 40 years so he has hooked us up with a connection to get a great discount on materials...bonus!

Tasks Completed Day #2
**Ledger boards attached.
**Finalized plans for existing deck (will be tearing it all out)
**Concrete forms poured

Day #3
**Order composite materials
**Attached posts to the concrete forms

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