Saturday, May 11, 2013

Level Schmevel - Deck Day #4

The deck is again fully underway.  Yesterday was an important day for the deck project. 

And by important I mean frustrating.

The husband got the beam and most of the joists up.

I had not fully appreciated how difficult and critical it was to get all of the numberous pieces of beam and joist placed correctly.  This is especially difficult when the lumber you have recieved is slightly different widths and heights (the husband may have uttered a few colorful words...).

Thankfully the husband had some beefy help (his brother).

The first step was to get the big beam pieced together.  The deck is going to be about 30 feet so no one board was going to cover that distance.  The beam is actually multiple joist boards placed together.  Again getting everything level and lined up was a pretty big challenge.

After the beam was in place it was time to hang the joists.  There was additional measuring, leveling, and swearing.
                       (Yes, that is a pink gardening glove...long story!)

At the end of the day the majority of the joists were up.  In order to hang the remaining joists the old walkout will need to come down. Demo is tomorrow's project.

That means a sledgehammer.

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