Monday, May 13, 2013

Maybe We Don't Need a Deck - Deck Day #5

There may have been a slight underestimation on the amount of time building a deck would require.

A couple days ago the husband and I were planning a big Memorial Day BBQ to christen our new deck.  We would have plenty of time to finish up the deck, get furniture, and do a bit of backyard maintenance (plant some new bushes) before Memorial Day.

We were smoking crack.

Demo day was a holy mess.  You would think that ripping something down would be much easier than putting something up.

After a long morning of back-breaking hammer and crowbar wielding work we now are sans walkout.  Now we just have a drop off from the kitchen sliding down to the gravel below.  It is a bit surreal to look out and not see the stairs.  The pugs are confused. 

The goal for the day was to get the frame completed.  Mission NOT accomplished.

With the demo taking much longer than expected, a couple of trips to the hardware store, varying issues with boards, yada, yada, yada....there are still joists that need to be hung.

Yesterday the deck was be put on the back-burner.  The battle will continue next weekend.  Until then the wife gets the super fun job of walking (the term herding would be more accurate) three pugs out the front door through the side gate to the backyard....all while juggling a baby.

The husband needs to finish this deck.

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