Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Spending Money - Deck Day #3

Today was spending money day!

We decided to go with composite decking, TREX.  While the upfront cost is a bit more it does weather better and the upkeep is minimal.  Neither the husband nor the wife wants to be out there every year staining.  So composite here we come.

My dad and I headed out to the lumber yard in the morning.  His hook-up at the yard ended up scoring us an employee discount.   Not too shabby.  All of the materials have been ordered/purchased with the exception of the railing system.  That decision still needs to be made.

We had a slight hope that they would be able to deliver the materials today.  With the dad leaving tomorrow we had hoped that maybe some additional work could be done today.  Unfortunately we will have to wait for the materials to be delivered tomorrow.

The husband did take off a bit early from work so that they could work on getting the posts put up.  It was a race against nature as a rain storm decided to move in right when the deck work began.  Thankfully no one was made of sugar and even with the rain drops coming down the post work got finished.

The deck project is now on hold until the weekend.  The husband is going to recruit some help and hopefully by the end of the weekend we will have a deck (at least a deck without the railing). 

Also as a confession...I haven't started painting the picture shelves yet...maybe tomorrow.  Maybe not.

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