Saturday, February 23, 2013

Pug Condo

One of the final projects on the "honey-do" checklist for the husband to complete before the baby comes was installing a dog door window in the basement.

When we are gone during the day all three pugs are locked downstairs in a little kennel area with a dog bed and a "pee pad area."  It worked out okay but we did want to eventually make it so that they could go outside during the day. 

The husband worked up a plan to convert one of the basement windows that is level with the ground into a window with a dog door.  Because the window is not level with the basement ground he would also have to build some stairs and a pen area to complete the pug paradise.

After a ton of research a dog door window kit was ordered online.  It finally showed up a couple of weeks ago so work began.

I unfortunately didn't get a ton of in progress pictures but the end result is perfect!

They have space to lounge around in the house and non-stop access to the outside.

Unfortunately only one of the three pugs has been brave enough to actually go in and out of the door (and then only with a large amount of coaxing...and some pushing, lots of pushing.  I suspect some of the reluctance is due to the fact that there is a 2 foot deep bank of drifted snow outside the window.  Hopefully once the weather turns and it melts they will realize what an upgrade this is for their little basement dwelling.

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