Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Cloth-Laundry Room Finishing Touches-Mini Fabric Clothesline

It is always fun to get a big project to the point of decorating.  A few DIY projects can really pull together a room.

I am going to split these projects into a few postings...so here we go with part one!

I wanted to try and incorporate as many laundry room touches into the decor as possible.  So how about a cute mini clothesline complete with coordinating fabric pants and shirts....let's do it!

Project Ranking
Difficultly - Easy
Frustration - Low
Makeability - 100% worth it

Clothesline (or rope of some sort)
Spray paint

Step #1: Spray paint your clothes pins if you want.  I wanted them to match my yellow and black decor.  I didn't take any special care when spray painting as I knew they were going to be up high and little boo-boos would not be seen.  If your going to put your clothesline up front and personal you may want to make sure your coverage is good and there are no goobers.

Step #2: Draw a pattern for the clothes pieces you want to cut out of fabric.  I am crafty, not artsy so I limited my patterns to a chunky shirt and pants.  A little dress would also be cute.

Step #3: Cut out your clothing pieces from cute fabric. and hang on your clothesline with your painted clothespins. 

Bam, done!

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