Saturday, June 2, 2012

Cloth - DIY Berry Lemonade Bar

Is there anything more quintessential summer than lemonade?

The husband and I host a family BBQ this year for Memorial Day.  I decided to jazz up my lemonade a bit and make a "build your own lemonade bar."

Super easy, a bit unexpected, and yummy fun!

Step #1: Make your favorite lemonade recipe.
 -You probably want to keep the recipe fairly simple as you don't want really strong flavors to overpower your fruit syrups.

Step #2: Make simple syrups using your favorite berry or fruit.
-Basic Simple Syrup Recipe
 *1 cup sugar
 *1 cup water
 *1 cup fruit
 **Heat all ingredients to a boil and simmer for ~15 minutes
 **While things are simmering I did try to mush up the berries a bit so that I could get the most flavor out of them.
 **Remove from heat and pour through a strainer to remove any of the big fruit chunks.  Make sure the container you are straining into is heat safe as your syrup will be very hot at this point.

NOTE:  I was not really impressed with the blackberry syrup I made.  It may have been my blackberries as they were not very flavorful to begin with..the strawberry and raspberry turned out great.  I can't wait to try peaches once they are in season.

Step #3: Find containers to dispense your syrups. 
 -I used some cheapo vinegar bottles with spouts but you could use cute glass milk bottles or whatever else you have on hand.

Step #4: Cut up fresh fruit/berries to match your syrups and put out spoons for your guests to scoop the fruit into their lemonade masterpieces.

Step #5: Label your syrups with a cute tag. 
 -My printer decided to act up on me before the party so I ended up hand writing the ones for my actual party, not as cute as the printed one but they got the job done!

Have your guests fill up their glasses, mix in flavors to their hearts content, and enjoy the summer weather!

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