Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wood & Cloth – Beginning – Wood Headboard with Tufted Panel

The husband’s brother made a birthday gift request this year that was just too fun/challenging to turn down.  He wanted us to make a custom headboard for the new king size bed he had just purchased.  This is the first project that we are undertaking that will be for someone else based off of their idea inspiration.  We have made things for others in the past but we are the ones that select the pattern.  While this would not be my first choice for a headboard design for our home it matches his style perfectly.  The inspiration photo is shown below.  Thankfully there are a bunch of tufted headboard tutorials on the web (thanks Pinterest) so we hopefully won't have to figure that out from scratch.

The first steps are to figure out the dimensions needed (the husband), do some recon on fabric options (the wife) and come up with a pattern design and cut list. 

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