Saturday, January 28, 2012

Wood & Cloth-Beginnings-Study Remodel

Successful projects are dangerous.  They tend to lead to other projects.  The husband recently finished up a furniture project for a desk console to go in the study.   I love the way it turned out (pictures to come soon).  I now however hate the carpet in the study. 
We had talked about wanting to “someday” rip out the carpet and lay down some bamboo hardwood flooring.  Someday is now...No later than February 4th
Why February 4th?  Because on February 5th we are hosting our annual Superbowl Party.  The husband is quick to point out that new flooring should not be a requirement for a football party and he is also quick to point out that the wife often goes off of the deep end with self-imposed deadlines prior to company coming over.   Not only does it cause me to go a bit manic but it also sets us up for something inevitably going wrong at the last minute leading to an all night DIY mess.

Let the fun begin.

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