Sunday, March 31, 2013

Hopping Down the Bunny Trail

Happy Easter!

I was certain I was going to rush out and buy an over-the-top Easter dress for baby girl.  However after I had looked at a few stores I changed my mind.  Don't get me wrong I saw plenty of outfits that could make you just die from the cuteness.  But little babies tend to get lost a bit in all of that flounce.  Many of the dresses just wouldn't look right on a baby, they needed a toddler that could stand up to do the cute justice. 

So I decided to wait another year for the big time Easter dress.  I should probably warn her now that next year she will be in ruffles and there will be an Easter bonnet.

I figured a cute onesie and a skirt would do the trick for this year.  This was going to be my first craft project post baby.

Let me just say that this little project, that would have taken me a couple of hours pre-baby, took me multiple days and required I forgo a couple of Mom naps to complete.  I think it was worth it!

Onesie -
No big deal here all I did was find a cute bunny picture and stitch witchery it onto the onesie.

Skirt -
I "semi" followed the tutorial found here from Crazy Little Projects.  I will say that this works a bit better for a larger baby.  I ended up having to make the top layer much smaller than it should have been because I didn't have enough real estate to get in 3 layers.  If I had to do it over I would probably make my skirt a bit longer in order to accommodate all 3 layers.  I still like the end result so no biggie!

These are probably what I was most excited about on this project.  I love little baby leggings but I can't seem to find exactly what I want.  I had actually tried to find white leggings at the store without any luck.  I was very excited when I stumbled upon this tutorial for easy baby leggings from Make It Love It.  While the tutorial was very simple I was concerned about sewing with knit.  I have a pretty cheapo sewing machine and I was unsure if I could even sew on the fabric.  I made a bold move, bought a twin needle and just went for it.  Despite one complete baby fuss meltdown during a critical step everything went together super easy.  I will be making more of these.  They are very easy and I can get exactly what I want.

So not to toot my own horn but I am pleased with my first post baby craft (even if it did take a long time to complete). 

Add a few Easter eggs and bam...cutest Easter baby ever!

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