Thursday, April 11, 2013

Project Fever

We have the fever...project fever!

It has been a long time since we tackled a big home project that wasn't baby related. 

The husband made a bold proclamation last weekend.  He has dubbed 2013 the "Year of the Deck."  I probably would have gone with "Year of the Baby" but oh well.

We have been threatening to do a deck for the past two springs but for one reason or another it kept getting back-burnered.  The space is ready.  When we designed the back yard we had the landscapers put in a gravel pad that would eventually be the future home of the deck.  It is a great space as we face the east.  We will be able to escape the summer heat in the afternoon/evening hours.

The husband wants to design and build the deck himself (I wouldn't have expected anything less).  He will admit he is a bit intimidated.  This will be his first large building project.  He shows no fear with furniture and remodeling but ensuring something is weight bearing and up to code had him dragging his feet a bit.

In true husband fashion he has done a ton of research and has a solid game plan for this year.

The end goal is to have a two-tier deck that will eventually include a pergola (that may not be this year).  He will remove our existing small porch, expand it out, and tie it into a lower deck with a new set of stairs.

That is the plan anyway.

So check back in for more updates as we hope to start this project next weekend.  I suspect we will run into a few problems during the post digging (we have a ton of boulders in our ground), the husband will be renting an auger, and there will no doubt be some frustration over getting everything level.

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