Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cloth- Missing In Action

Apparently if you don’t blog for 3 weeks there is no blog gnome that shows up and takes care of things for you.  Someone really needs to  get on making that happen.
These past few weeks we have been up and down, left and right, to and fro.  Work has been busy, the yard and garden have been demanding time, friends and family needed to be visited....
...we also got HBO and Showtime.
If I am honest my time spent blogging has been inversely proportional to the amount of time I have recently spent catching up on Dexter, True Blood, and Game of Thrones.
Over the years I have gotten hooked on the popular HBO and Showtime shows even though we have never had a subscription to those channels.  I would patiently wait for the last season to come out on iTunes.  I would avoid any radio, TV, or print gossip talking about show spoilers like the plague. 
This year however I decided that if the husband could get stupid NFL Sunday Ticket every year I was going to subscribe to my channels for a few months to get caught up on all of my shows. 
What ensued was TV coma watching bliss…and consequently a total lack of blogging.  How can I be expected to craft, photograph, and write when there are epic battles for crowns, evil witches, and doomsday killers running amuck? 
Laundry room, what laundry room?
I finished up my backlog of episodes just in time for the long Memorial Day weekend.  And in true Wood and Cloth fashion we had a party planned at our house for Memorial Day.  Nothing like having people coming over to your house to smack you back into your non-vampire/serial killer/Westeros life.
I dusted off my crafty pants and went to work putting the finishing touches on the laundry room decor. 
I can't wait to post the results!

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